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How to Choose a Company Name?
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How to set up a company in USA?

1. Preparation

In order to form either LLC or Corporation, you need to decide the state the company will be incorporated at, along with three proposed names. We will consult you on the suitable type of company that matches your business activity and needs.

The name does place some restrictions on the use of particular words:

Corporations may not use the words bank, university or college, without being subject to additional scrutiny by those respective State departments. Also, corporations may not include the word trust. LLCs, like corporations, may not use “Bank”, “University” or “College” with the additional scrutiny; however, unlike the corporation the LLC may use the word trust. Also, an LLC name may not include Corporation, Corp., Incorporated or Inc. After that, We will check the availability of the names for your new company in that particular state for similar names or if it has been registered beforehand. Once, the desired name of your company is found to be available to use, We will reserve that name for your company.

2. Filing the required documents:

Choose recommended services for your USA company:

Bank account: You can achieve a bank account in many banks in the world with USA entities. You can choose most of the bank options in the list (except UAE, Switzerland, Hong Kong).
Nominee services: Using the Nominee services so the information of Nominees will be shown on Company Registration’s website.
Serviced office: Choose your favorite jurisdiction for Service address. You can have many Service addresses all over the world.
Merchant account: this service will be fulfilled after the corporate bank account is activated.
Bookkeeping: This service will be used in the future.

Processing time: You can select 2 time frames depending on the urgency of your request. For normal cases, a company can be formed in about 3 working days, while urgent cases can be processed and completed in 1 working day only. The process duration counts after the receipt of full payment and all required documents.

3. Payment methods

We offers various payment methods that are convenient for the client:

Credit/Debit card (Amex, Mastercard, Visa)

Paypal: you can make a payment using your PayPal account.

Bank Transfer: You can make an international wire transfer to our bank accounts. A list of various banks is available for your convenience. It is possible to transfer through IBAN/SEPA if you are living in Europe. Otherwise, SWIFT will also work, taking from 3 to 5 days.

4. Delivery of the company kit

Your company original documents will be sent to your provided address via mail (DHL/ TNT/ FedEX). Bank account opening, Serviced office, license or Trademark application can be subsequently fulfilled at this time.

It may take 2 to 5 working days to deliver the company kit after your company is incorporated.

Upon the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation , your company is ready to do business worldwide!

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